Special Events & Presentations

Seeking Valentine’s Day Cards

Whistlestop invites everyone to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards for Meals on Wheels recipients. Their eyes light up when they receive these cards!
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Collage & Mixed Media

Experiment with different textures, papers, mixed-media applications and techniques to create your own story in a form of collage.
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Citizenship Weekly Tutoring

Receive individual attention while you study and prepare for your citizenship interview and exam.
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Medicare 101 & SCAN Meetings: Can a Medicare Advantage Plan Save you Money?

Don’t miss out on health care savings for 2017! Get clear, straightforward answers to your Medicare questions and information about 2017 Medicare.
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Landlord Seminar

Learn how you can either charge rent for your room and earn extra income or get an exchange of services for the room with our support and no fee services.
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Spring ESL

We offer ESL levels 75, 100, 150, and 250 with experienced teachers.
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Relaxation & Movement

They will guide you through gentle movements while singing songs fostering a greater sense of joy, peace, and connectedness.
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Immigration Forum

This is an open, safe space to voice your fears and become more aware of the services offered to you in the community.
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