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Whistlestop began serving Marin County with specialized transportation in 1969. In  partnership with Marin Access, Whistlestop serves residents with special transportation needs in Marin County, and individuals traveling to or through Marin from the surrounding counties of San Francisco, Sonoma, and Contra Costa. With a current fleet of 60 vehicles, Whistlestop is able to provide over 500 trips a day to those unable to use public transportation. Our hardworking, dedicated staff is committed to providing the best service possible.  We act as a lifeline and help our clients maintain their independence by transporting them to medical appointments, stores, friends, family and more, keeping  them connected with anywhere they need to go.

I am a ‘seasoned’ disabled paratransit passenger in other cities in California. I recently had my first rides with Whistlestop, and NEVER have I been handled with such care, sensitivity and in such a professional way. Your sister services can certainly learn from you and your team. THANK YOU!”

– Whistlestop Client

Marin Access

Marin Access is a partnership of Whistlestop and Marin Transit. It was formed to coordinate and expand Marin’s various transportation options—from paratransit buses, to taxis and volunteer drivers in their own vehicles—to escort frail, home-bound, and other qualified individuals to their destinations. The Marin Access call center can be accessed by telephone (415-454-0902),  seven days a week, 8am to 5pm or at, 24/7, to learn more about the various transportation resources available for transit dependent individuals in Marin. To find out if you qualify for paratransit services please call 415-456-9062 ext 105 or 106 speak to a Travel Navigator. Please call 415-454-0964 to schedule your rides. To learn more, visit the Marin Access website, read our Frequently Asked Questions, or download the ADA Application for paratransit service or download the application for the Volunteer Driver Program.

Thank you so much for your wonderful Whistlestop bus service. It allows my son to visit his elderly mother on weekends. We are so grateful!”

– Whistlestop Client

The drivers all are good, courteous and helpful. A wonderful service.”

– Whistlestop Client